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Title: No fair!
Post by: morosefox on April 20, 2010, 04:49:34 am
  So yeah, sorry if this wrong place to say this, but... i need karma points and im a lil preturbed.
   why?  I was just visiting dottys ( lottery machine place ) and thought id play a machine in hopes of some pre-bday luck.  ( bday tomorrow )
    Soon as i sat down this asian gentleman wins more than id ever seen easily... Every row and column a zeus head except for one bottom right square.   >.<
   As i scoffed a bit, i still smiled lots and gavem dual thumbs up as he got out his camera to take a picture then took off to find lottery attendant...
  I only had a lil cash, and almost right after i started to play another guy won big time.
      Seems like i always have bad luck on bday, but other people around me score like crazy...
  I should just go with some friends and hang out withem so they win and thus will happily get me a gift later or something...   ;P
   ...and yaya, 'luck' is however one percieves it to be possibly and is merely a word for hoping in a fateful universally rolled outcome in your favor i guess... ( or not )
     BUT.. either way. Twas a moment of suck for me, but honestly i like seeing people win too all the same.
  ...prefer it to be me over stranger, but still... lol.
    ...uhm this is way longer than i thought itd be and I feel even more hesitant bout posting it wrong place and feeling like a jackass, but...
               So, to tie this dribble into somethign bout bitche at least, IF i do win or any of my friends here soon, Ill take a pic and post it here for everyone and donate a considerable amount out of the $$$ shown won!  ..hows that?   =D     ;D  ...laters!
Title: Re: No fair!
Post by: billyfridge on April 20, 2010, 07:35:09 pm
Count your blessings not your misfortunes Morosefox ;D
Title: Re: No fair!
Post by: Synbios on April 21, 2010, 11:51:08 am
It is not enough to succeed, others should fail.

Look this quote up; I live by it every day without trying to be mean about it. In reality though, it really is true.

You should also look up The Secret. I don't know if all this energy stuff is real, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Perhaps by supporting the other people winning, and by getting concerned over other people winning, you're helping them win.
Title: Re: No fair!
Post by: morosefox on May 01, 2010, 11:49:48 pm
=o  Wow, I forgot i posted till now...
           And stoked bout gettin responses, thanks!!   ^^
    And good ones too.  I'll look into the secret, if its one thing i've got its an open mind for sure.
     But hrm... maybe because my own self doubt and negativeness just set me off balance and anything positive just spilled out to others.  I need to get it together... stay confident and only think of my soon to be had winnings and expect only that. And the epic assured fails of anyone else there as soon as i begin!! mwahaha...  =D 
   Thanks again synbios and billy, hehe. Nice to meetcha.