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Title: AVG Anti Virus Software (RUBISH)
Post by: fuzzytomcat on May 10, 2014, 12:27:52 pm
Howdy All,

There is a JUNK company to stay clear from called AVG Technologies that is a vendor of some"free" anti-virus software including a "AVG toolbar" and search engine called "My Search". This software is usually bundled called malware with other software and installs without any permission and hijacks your internet browser home page and browser search engine. For most individuals the removal and disposal of this malware is quite difficult having to use your operating system control panel to remove the programs including re-registering your original browser homepage and browser search engine by hand.

There is NO contact information for e-mail complains only a phone number with deaf ears on the other side.

Also, there is quite a lot of documented complains on every product they sell ..... here is only one web site
So friends ..... use it if you dare!! I've had to remove it countless times from other computers including mine and there is nothing to stop it from loading into your hard drive "PERIOD".

Fuzzy (

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Title: Re: AVG Anti Virus Software (RUBISH)
Post by: chelseaman on May 15, 2014, 08:37:41 am
 :) Hi, Fuzzytomcat

Sounds like you got hit pretty bad.  Wait until you get to my age when everything is under protection. :D

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Title: Re: AVG Anti Virus Software (RUBISH)
Post by: fuzzytomcat on May 15, 2014, 06:31:51 pm
Hey chelseaman,

It wasn't just me that got hit more like lots of friends also. It appears one place this can happen from is in a 3rd party Java update download. The file installed on your main drive is called AVG Security with several sub-files like the toolbar and three data files. The kicker is there's a .dll that's write protected in four places and a .exe file that executes on start up opening a iexplorer computer port. The problem is you just cant delete them because they restore so after changing the file attributes do a shift delete to get rid of this junk and a iexplorer unlocker for the .exe file plus a restart. There are some that even get a browser called "speedial" that comes out of nowhere and only by right clicking on their logo there's a small pop up there to get rid of that one.  :-\

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Title: Re: AVG Anti Virus Software (RUBISH)
Post by: chelseaman on May 16, 2014, 08:12:17 am
 :)  hI fUZZY

I dumped all the usual AVG etc. Just use MSE free from Microsoft and never looked back.

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Title: Re: AVG Anti Virus Software (RUBISH)
Post by: TheHalf™ on May 17, 2014, 02:46:28 am
Fuzzy, chelseaman try using the AVG removal tool, ( or ( Personally I've been with Kaspersky for some 8 years now and no problems. Best of luck fellas.