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Title: External hard drives.
Post by: texasboy on March 20, 2007, 09:42:49 am
One of our local UK electronics stores "Maplin" just opened a new store beside me.
Maxtor 400GB external hard drive for £89.99 or approx $167. Is this average?
Since I only have a small 40GB on family pc can I transfer most of occasionally used software to external drive and speed up pc. Have never used external before.
Title: Re: External hard drives.
Post by: Quantum on March 20, 2007, 11:19:25 am
I usually like putting my own external together, it's quite easy, just grab a bay for about £20 and then whatever hard drive you want, that way you can actually get a good quality hard drive.

The thing about external hard drives is unless you have an external SATA port on your computer, it's going to have to run through a USB or Firewire port, which weren't really designed to run entire program through, lots of different data passing very quickly through them. If you've got a slow hard drive (5400 RPM or less), it'll probably be better I guess though. Though Windows and certain programs may have issues running from a removable drive. I'd do a bit of research first if I were you certainly.