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Title: No, the PS5 and XSX will not run at 4K with 120Hz.!!!
Post by: ryantyler on January 22, 2020, 09:25:55 pm
So Microsoft & Sony are talking big about their new consoles and bringing high refresh rate gaming to their new machines.

This will not happen.

Why? Because Xbox's and PS5's main market are living room consoles. They are connected to TV's, and there are very, very, very few TV's on the market that can output at greater than 60Hz.

To suggest MS & Sony will make a serious effort to support 120Hz as a standard for their games is a little ludicrous. They will make 4K a standard (which I expect to get breached halfway through the generation, set a remind me if you don't believe me) and try to target 60Hz, though 30 will become the baseline once again for the usual 3rd person games etc.fedloan ( ( easybib (