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I sere that My Ideal didn't interest anyone , i found it rather good , Next Week i will have the extra 10 $ , and will donate , but  for this Ideal please Keep an Open Mind , a lot would be going for a 5$ ect to start , no VIP till 10 $  donation , I'd bet my Life on it

Hi Folks ,i was wondering , y like me , i am not a Donator , But i can not start a Thread , either , what i was going to Suggest ,AND PLEASE Owner(s) and Admins HELP ME ON this One

I do not want to look Like a Cheap loser , or a Beggar ,and ,lol, Please do not think i want Sympathy or Favor

My Ideal, was , Have a New Option On Donations
PLEASE READ and promise you will Mail Me Back I seriously  would Appreciate Feed Back ,
My E-Mail is
OK My Suggestion , for a new Donation , method
,like on next Thursday , i have using BC for a while now it is awesome , and i have the Highest Respect , for the Founds Admins , and all the team
But , would it be Possible To Have a new Option On Donation , IRL, i got separated a little over 1 year after a relationship of 30 years , anyone here ever heard a separation that goes well

Now what i wanted , to Suggest , would be a Cumulative Donation system (or more a new possibility , to make the Donation , with an amount  Example 5 $ , 2 $ , and , DO NOT JUMP to Conclusion , i saw that the donations are from 10 $ and UP (i understand but with the way i 'am asking if it were possible , anyone like me on next Thursday i would make a donation of  EX: 5 $ USD , in 2 weeks 3 $ USD and in another 2 weeks a 3 $ ) that would be a total of the Minimum asked atm, but , i Know i sound like a Welfare and people Judge fast , But IRL, i doing my best and i would be Honored to Be a Donator , and OFC not be recognized Has a donator until I  (WE ) have Given the Minimum of 10 $ Donation (would be a Cumulative Donation System) i (or We if others Follow, Which i am sure there would be a lot more, Following my steps  ) would  have sent the Minimum, Donation to become a Donator , i 'am sure i 'am not he only one in that position , , I know what is 10 USD $ , well atm it';s Milk or Bread,
I Doubt , what i am asking , would Hurt this awesome Group Of Hard Working People , , but for me , it would make all the difference , because once i would Have reach the Min to become a Donator ,I'd be More then Proud to say ,I'm Part Of This Family Group

and if you would Add , this , what i just proposed , what have you got to lose , ? Extra money Income ?

Wish you all well


Hope this will be a reality , and By God , please ,Have a group Discussion , take a few days a week ,to think it over , no rush, no harsh discussion

Will all my Admiration and respect

Long Live Bit Che

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