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Computers - Technology / UK Charity needs Help please Chip
« on: June 04, 2016, 10:47:05 pm »
Hi Chip how are you? I am Blind and so therefore I must use special audible screen reader  software  to use the computer I run an after schools club for Blind Kids here in the UK which I like to call VIPs (Visually Impaired People)

We have to format our comps every 30 days so we can reuse the trial version of `Zoom Text Fusion` from

I have recently found another program called MAGic 13.1 whilst that one lasts a lot longer than 30 days it only works for 30 minutes at a time so we are constantly restarting machines.

Chip we are a small self supporting club and cannot afford to donate to you but could you find it within your heart to donate the program (Bit Che+) to us so that we may search for whatever programs we need

If you have any friends / relatives / members who need ANY help with compuyers for the Blind please let me know

Bob (Blind Club)

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