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Computers - Technology / Meditation and new technologies!!
« on: December 18, 2019, 07:30:21 pm »
Hi everyone, Just a quick presentation of myself: I'm a french design student and I'm working on connected devices and especially on what we call "tangible interfaces". I'll graduate next year, that is why I'm currently working on my end of studies project. Thanks to my 5 months exchange in a Canadian school and the people I met there, I discovered the practice of meditation. When I came back home I realized that it could be an amazing topic to work on for my project. Basically, my idea is to combine new technologies and meditation to encourage people of practising everyday through an emotional object, probably a kind of little companion which "grows" with his owner. I talked with my teachers and they liked the idea of a combination of meditation and new technologies but they were a bit worried about the fact that meditation seems to be a kind of technology-free activity. What do you think about it? If you have any advices or books suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts, it will be really helpful for my work. Thank you!fedloan easybib

General Discussion / Positive experience of a copper IUD insertion!!
« on: December 18, 2019, 07:29:36 pm »
As a lot of women, I’ve been lurking on this subbredit a lot before I got my IUD inserted. I was really worried about the insertion and I’ve read so many horror stories mentioning things like “the worst pain of my life”, “had to be sedated” etc. I went to my appointment on Friday morning a little bit worried, but I had no choice, nothing could help me to know if I was going to die on the table or if everything would be ok. Well, I would like to share my story: everything was FINE. I really like my doctor, she makes me feel less worried because she talks about what she is doing while having her head between my two legs haha. So what happened: She inserted her speculum on my vagina with lube, it’s not painful but you can feel discomfort if you’ve never done that before. She had to insert it twice because apparently my uterus makes a huge turn so she wanted to be sure to have the right angle for the insertion. Then she told me to breathe, well that the moment when you’re like “omg this is happening” and then I just had time to feel a cramp in my belly, closed my eyes and told her “oh I feel something weird...” and she told me “it’s already done, I’m cutting the strings”. It all happened so fast, and then I realized it was five minutes of discomfort for 5 years of freedom. Well, I mean I’m talking about the insertion, I don’t know how will be my periods and there is still a chance that my body’s gonna expulse the iud out of my uterus. For now, it’s been a bit more than two days and I feel pain like period cramps and there is a bit of blood. It’s not really pleasant and I hope it won’t last, but ibuprofen works perfectly well. I went back to work immediately after my insertion but I would recommend you to treat yourself with good food or things you love. Because hell yeah, you did it! You’re a bad ass woman, and I know you have been through a lot of shitty moments in your woman’s life, but everything’s gonna be okay! :) EDIT: I’m 22 and I never had childrenusps trackingshowbox

I have spent the better part of a day researching my next build, and have some questions about this one I found on PCMasterRace. Questions stem from other variations of this build I found/thought of. I want this build to be able to run high (not ultra) quality high Frames Per Second on a 144Hz 1920x1080p monitor for modern first person shooters, RTS games, and (if possible, not priority) be able to run some sort of VR setup/Half Life Alyx, but for that I wont be as picky for how smooth it is.reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker

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