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Help and FAQ / Re: Interface that I can't do anything with
« on: April 24, 2014, 05:07:58 pm »
Hi, chip!

Thanks a lot for your lines, it's been very kind of you. You've made the functioning schema of Bit Che transparent, and I deem you'd preserve it. Thus, Bit Che functions as a 'detective' of older torrents: Their structures will help then trying other searches, say, by file names on FTPs. Hence, it's much better than in the case provided (as in HAL) no torrents data would have been indicated. Bit Che keeps ruling!  [wink]

PS. Maybe, an indicating icon that no data files are available throughout torrents, say, at the left of the search table would be a nice feature? -Just in order to produce more any helpful information.

Help and FAQ / Re: Interface that I can't do anything with
« on: April 24, 2014, 06:45:51 am »

What client are you using?



It's permanently been running over the time, day in, day out.
I also tried FlashGot, Bit Che recognized it explicitly, but no consequences followed, even if tried manually to achieve.

I have tried downloading those torrents with many browsers manually while putting in the URLs out of the Bit Che table through right-clicking the search line in it and taking the URLs to the clipboard. Those torrents were not downloadable while clicking the download button on those torrent sites, as described above. Though, 2 times 2 torrents were downloaded from URLs through clipboard, but no data files were downloaded while several seeders were available as (1) through (4) within uTorrent.

I'm trying here just to validate the above search results which are so rich while trying the same search title with, say, HAL 1.08.130 gives no results at all! No doubt, it's only too strange to get such results.

Can you please demostrate at least getting 1 (one) torrent to download any data files or a file (iso)  manually from the search results as above. Thanks.


Help and FAQ / Interface that I can't do anything with
« on: April 24, 2014, 05:13:57 am »

So, here's the outlook, rich of information, but I can't do anything with:

The search title is 'Bertelsmann', there have been many torrents apparently available,
but I can't even save anyone; I can see only a glimpse within hundreds of milliseconds, as if something had been saved somewhere, but I can't find this result. Nor can I download a normal torrent from those URLs though there are many seeders available, as it Bit Che for the above several 6 Gb torrents at the top in the pic suggests. Merely, nothing happens.

Does it not mean that Bit Che works only with special URLs?
I may well guess that there are also torrent URLs that are not accessible to download. Then, it would be advisable that there should also be some kind indication, as an icon, that such torrents are not accessible.

Please, could you try the search title 'Bertelsmann' on your own in order to clarify the situation? Maybe, the torrents themselves do have some limitations, not Bit Che, as a matter of fact.

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