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This really freaked me out this morning. I booted up my laptop, logged in with a pin and right before my eyes, someone started opening tons of files and programs on my desktop.
They opened my photo folders, my streaming program, two of my audio recording programs, a program that connects the HP to my phone, Control Panel and more. I did not have these programs open when I shut down. I double and triple checked to make sure my mouse was off and I wasn’t leaning on keys. I watched this person continue to open and look through my stuff EVEN IN AIRPLANE mode! When they started getting into my settings, I tried to move the mouse over to close the window and was met with resistance. I finally got all of the windows closed, and the person or program seemed to finally stop. I rebooted, and nothing happened. Ran malwarebytes and cc cleaner which didn’t show anything. I’m restoring from a back up now and will be running my antivirus to see if that turns anything up. It’s freaking me out quite a bit. I’m planning to take it to a computer shop to see if they can find anything too. Luckily I thought to catch some of it on video, as I’m sure explaining this to someone will make me sound crazy. Anyone have any ideas what could have caused this??

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