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Bugs & Feature Requests / Isohunt Boycott, when is enough enough....
« on: April 19, 2020, 09:05:28 am »
If youve been there, youll know what i mean. the bullshit you have to go through to dl a torrent is ridiculous (endless popups and click jack/throughs). I know you can bypass it with bitche, but arent we just encouraging this behaviour by being seeders/peers for their torrents ? If we just stopped going there and even removed them from the app, things might change....

Also they are manipulating the torrent details reported, by rounding up all filesizes reported on each file, so it appears like they have different, better quality torrents, when they dont....

Scripts & Development / open with remote deluge script help
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:21:52 am »
Hi, i would like to do this. A seedbox running deluge accept new torrents to be added as via "Content-type", "application/json" which is not in $_GET or $_POST (in php) but php://input

can this be done via /external/*.ini scripts or does bit che need changing

Hi, proxy works ok with no auth, but with it fails without even getting a packet out. have monitord with wireshark and not a peep. enabled HTTP connection logging and all there is is this line:

cWinHTTP1: 1 - Error: 505 - ERROR:  This method cannot be called until the Open method has been called

And you get a !NC next to every site, if you try without auth to a proxy that requires it you do get the correct error code !407

Version 3.5 build 30

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