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Essential Freeware(A small list of mut haves){UPDATED}

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Hello Everyone,
Here I am putting a list of must have software's(freeware) For every PC user be it a Beginner or an Advanced user.
I hope you like the list I have compiled and do add if I have missed out on anything.

1.) Avira Antivir PE

2.) ZoneAlarm Firewall

3.) Mozilla Firefox

4.) Winamp

5.) VLC Player

6.) Orbit Download Manager

7.) Notepad++

8.) Belarc Advisor

9.) DAMN NFO Viewer

10.) Filezilla FTP

11.) FLV Player

12.) Process Explorer

13.) Tweak UI(XP Only)

14.) Spybot-S&D

15.) Unlocker

16.) Picasa

17.) Adobe Acrobat Reader

18.) 7-zip

19.) Audacity

20.)Bit Che(Of course)


21.)CCleaner is a freeware PC optimization tool.


23.)OpenOffice(Alternative to MS Office)

24.)AMP Font Viewer

25.)Comodo Firewall

26.)Audacity(Best Free Audio Editing)

27.)Digsby (All in One IM Application)

28.)DVD Shrink(DVD Ripping)

29.)Exact Audio Copy(Free Audio Ripping Tool)

30.)Any Video Converter

31.)Java Runtime

All really good, I especially recommend 7-zip as a brilliant WinZip/WinRAR alternative.

Great list m8.

We all have our personal favorites of course, so the minoir quibblles could go on and on. But anyone wanting a great set of tools should download and install this list without substitution.

thanx man
i'm glad i cud contribute something
compiled the list myself as i use most of em.

If I knew how to karma you for it I would lol


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