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I got this from but i've seen similar comments elsewhere.

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Don't use the following torrent clients and websites
« on: July 15, 2007, 07:19:37 AM »
Hey all, the last few weeks have seen some interesting developements in the torrent world. The BitTorrent company, who now cooperates with various anti-piracy groups, teamed up with the uTorrent client. Also, a website, was recently shut down by a Dutch court. This is big news since this website uses the same ISP as other sites like Demonoid and TorrentSpy. For now, Demonoid is okay. But TorrentSpy has also recently began cooperating with anti-piracy groups. This means:

Update: TorrentSpy is now safe because they abandoned their hash-tracking. However, users from the USA will be blocked from accessing their website since that is the way they are circumventing their Court orders.

This list [post] is constantly updated. No need to read all the replies.

Don't use the following clients anymore:
- BitTorrent (MPAA co-op)
- uTorrent (MPAA co-op)
- BitLord (sex/spam)
- Azureus (no longer supported)

Don't use the following websites anymore:

We recommend the following clients:
- BitComet (for newbies, or anyone)
- Halite (light, but no RSS support)
- Frostwire (inspired by Limewire)

The global mods will update this post as we continue to confirm more clients and websites that are getting crappy or unsafe to use. Thanks for all your support. Please realize that SuperFundo only encourages DVDRips sharing because we believe it can be justified legally as "sharing a DVD" with online neighbors. This website is maintained by many different users around the globe, and we are very thankful for all the work done behind the scenes (no pun intended).

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what do you guys think?

Hey surfer,

This is the first time I have heard this and from the Administrator from makes it very credible. We will have to definitely look into this further and also make some recommendations in Convivea's Forum.

Many of us here use utorrent including myself, Thanks for the heads up !!!!!


Hi surfer,

After looking into this the only recommendation still remains the same .... here on Convivea's Forum we do not in anyway condone or recommend downloading copyrighted material if involved or not with the MPAA, other organizations, or private persons.

If there are members downloading copyrighted material let them be aware that they are breaking the law and could be prosecuted for doing this type of downloading.

Copyright infringement is a serious matter and will always be here on this Forum.


of course, noone ever think of d/ling <ahem > copyrighted things. > "yeh yreh thats the ticket". ::)

Actually the question was more along technical lines or is it credible that more information is being acquired and databased by using client software linked trackers for a particular product. 

I'ts apparently public knowledge BTorrent was bought the question is why and what are they up to with it.  >:(


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I'ts apparently public knowledge BTorrent was bought the question is why and what are they up to with it.  >:(

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Hey surfer,

On this point your guess is as good as anyone on this forum, unless a software programmer or a coder comes out and says yes I did ... da da da da ... there is not much anyone can do about the MPAA yet.

The MPAA is always cutting back room deals such as if you live in Canada where users are shielded from P2P lawsuits, downloading P2P files may put you at risk for a civil lawsuit in any other country. Many believe elsewhere on the Internet this is because the production companies of United States filming in Canada are being done without USA "union" labor with HUGE savings to the movie industry and giving Canadians the green light to copy what ever they want, not much we can do about this in the United States the labor unions have tried. Like I have said before the MPAA has been on the war path since the manufacturing of the "VHS" video recorder, way before the invention of a P2P network, and if they feel cheated and can prove it you will be sued they have the money and resources.

I'm sorry but I don't think you will find the reason "why" here at this Forum but here is some information that may help you in your quest,    ( Warning for new users: ) September 26, 2008



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