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Hello Everybody, I'm a middle aged guy who's disabled and I've started getting in to PC games. I'm really into strategy and am looking for something to do with the American Civil War. Any suggestions? Download sites? I'm new at this and any help would be greatly appreciated! ;D

I don't really play war games or use my comp to game but I found a couple for you to consider  :)
American Civil War Gettysburg
History Channel's Civil War: The Game
American Civil War: 1861-1865 The Blue and the Gray
Sid Meier's Civil War Collection
American Civil War for PC

I don't know how good each one is but if you Google the name you could read reviews on each one......
Happy Searching.... ;D

I also deleted the duplicate topic .....This one is in the best forum topic ;)

Thanks MinLo! Big, Big help.

for one thing, dont play mafia wars or other click like mad social games on facebok or you'll end up getting carpal tunnel/frozen shoulder like me (can't lift my arm straight up anymore, so forget basketball and doing pullups)

perhaps some wiii games for rehabbing, getting some exercise (nursing home buys and use wiis and find
them easier to get the less motivated to be more active/mobile)

I just started the new game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and its actually not too bad, its an extremely large game so you will need a fair decent computer but i found it a really interesting but if you have a basic computer i'd have to say Command & Conquer Generals i know some torrent sites if you need them but il write them out when ya ask :-) have fun!!


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