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FAQ -- How to enable connection logging in Bit Che


How to enable connection logging in Bit Che:

Note: This should be done if you are having a problem and need to see the specific Winsock/HTTP traffic that Bit Che is sending and receiving.

1. from the Bit Che File menu, select 'Open App Data Folder...'
2. Make a new folder named 'Logs'
3. Open 'settings.ini' and add the line 'debug=3' after '[options]'
4. Then search [the site], and attach the log files here from the '\logs' directory so I can review them

Here is a screenshot showing the new folder (1) and the added line to settings.ini (2):


cWinHTTP1: 1 - Error: -2147012858 - The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match

I get a 404 trying to browse to that URL but the error is a new one i haven't seen.. likely due to the HTTPS and the sites certificate. I might need to allow some bypass on errors.. I'll check this out later. Thanks

my bad a bug in my code cropped of the first letter
should have been

It was trying to us the open dns cert for thus creating an error.


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