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Vietnamese language pack
« on: May 29, 2010, 09:14:02 am »

I'd like to contribute the Vietnamese language pack.
I had a problem with code and font. When I use the 'correct' Vietnamese scripts (with tone marks) and save as unicode, it appears correctly in notepad but incorrectly in Bit Che. When I use 'simplified' Vietnamese scripts (without tone marks), it works well. I have tried to save the text with several codes, including unicode, utf-8, windows 1258, NCR Decimal etc. but it didn't help.
I'd post here both 'correct' scripts saved in unicode in file 'Vietnamese.ini' and 'simplified' in 'Tieng Viet.ini' one.

Any idea of how to solve this problem would be very appreciated.
The Vietnamese flag icon is included in the package.
Hope that this will be included in next version of Bit Che.

Thanks alot.
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