Author Topic: XboX Updates  (Read 8417 times)

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XboX Updates
« on: April 22, 2011, 01:38:13 am »
Hello gamers. My brother owns the XboX, mfd. in 2008. Now I have absolutely no experience with the XboX system and my brother has limited experience.

Now here's our situation, I have burned video files onto a DVD with the .avi and .div extensions and the XboX will not play them and recognizes the disc as a mixed media disc.

Now I went to the website for XboX and there is an update (.zip) for the XboX. I unzipped the file and there is one folder and one file, the folder titled '$systemupdate' and a file titled 'default.exe'. Do I burn as is or do I need to open the folder and burn all the files within along with the 'default.exe' file? Any help is much appreciated.

XboX link--->


P.S. The whole reasoning for this is that I am hoping there is a multimedia update within that zip file that will allow the playback of those .avi and .div videos.
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Re: XboX Updates
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2011, 12:55:00 am »
If you're trying to watch a downloaded movie onto a DVD, you have to burn it as a DVD video. It's not as simple as just putting the .avi file, etc onto the disc.

You need to lookup how to burn a movie file to a DVD playable in a DVD player, then use the Xbox as a DVD player. Mind you, the Xbox does need the DVD remote kit in order to play a DVD. The kit comes with an IR receiver that goes into one of the controller ports and you use the remote to control it.

edit: I just realized you're using an Xbox 360, which has a lot more versatility. But what I do recommend is, you setup a home network and share the media files, then you will be able to play them directly across your network so you don't have to burn them to a DVD.