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Good news... the Search Bit Che for Firefox plugin version 1.01 is ready for download.

New: comes in 4 different styles so you can pick and choose which version you would like.
New: uses different code to find Bit Che application (uses Uninstall info instead of BC:// handler path, thanks SpinMachine!)

This version does NOT require a RegEdit fix.. and it should work on ALL computers.

Works with FireFox 3.x - 5.x (yes it works with the latest 5.0).

Below you will find 4 different versions, a standard version that includes "Search Bit Che for 'text'" and a short version that simply says "Bit Che". Both versions have the option of adding a menu image.

They are listed as:

Standard:   search_bc_ff_extension_1_01_standard.xpi
Short:   search_bc_ff_extension_1_01_short.xpi

Standard with image:   search_bc_ff_extension_1_01_standard_with_image.xpi
Short with image:   search_bc_ff_extension_1_01_short_with_image.xpi

To install:

1. Download the .XPI of your choice
2. Drag it into your FireFox window
3. Press Install
4. Restart Firefox

Let me know if you have any problems.



 search engines active at the same time in the search bar, and to appear together on the context menu. It's possible to go  add-on and find your button  for that feature

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Now that's a really useful plugin for firefox. I was waiting for it for so long! anyways thanks  O0

In the latest versions of Firefox Search for Bit Che Firefox plugin can not be installed because the plugin is not verified. This may be solved, because otherwise a very useful plugin.


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