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Please use this thread to discuss Bit Che 3.6.

BugMeNot: didn't detect an update.  :o

It's not pushed yet, only the forums.

Maybe I've pushed a bit too hard with frequency of searches (static IP) but from i usually get
!FH - Script 'Find' Halt...
from: they implemented some anti ddos/robot feature "Our system has detected abnormal activity from your ip addres" uses Cloudflare is it hard to bypass with no login and the current program features(like 5s delay)?

Is it possible to implement option to increase times between searches?(reduces risk of flagged ip's because of frequent searches)
Is it possible to implement option to increase  time between search on next page and first page results?

Also i think that its saferif by default automatic search on time even 30 minutes was disabled.

Error Messages reference for rest of the readers:,2493.msg21187.html#msg21187

I sure hope that you all are using a VPN while doing this mainly for your self and for others who rely and are dedicated to this site.. Just saying you never know who is out there lurking and just waiting for some one to bust and it only takes one click and then "Boom goes the Dynomite".. Just a good looking out is all..  Peace my friends...


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