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Rutracker not working

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Torrent info won't open and torrents don't open directly.

As i'm in Russia, is banned for me. Made changes to the script for, but:
1 Can't see cyrillic name in searh result
2. Count of seeds incorrect. Shows 9090 when there are only 90, or 77 instead of 7.
3. Can't save torrent file or add it to bittorent program

hi, can you try the latest version? the script should be fixed.. also you can right click on the script and select HOME ->

Thanks fro updating, now torrents save ok, but still "Niyuee eaaa?u 2" instead of "Спящий лагерь 2" for example

It works but now torrent sizes are listed with ↓B instead of MB/GB.


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