Author Topic: Exciting new torrenting application, your assistance requested  (Read 4977 times)

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Calling HTML, JavaScript and CSS developers:

I use Bit Che frequently, most especially when searching my favorite sites doesn't yield what I want.

Now, being a discerning torrenter/torrentee, I want to add/view other info relating to said torrent, e.g. IMDB reference, my comments etc etc.

Sometimes, however, I want access to something that I will definitely watch, in which case I just look for a reasonable quality, using the name of what I want plus '720p'.

With my favorite site, until its very recent demise, I could do all of these things and life was great!

When it closed down, I realized that most, if not all, the embedded information could be obtained by the additional manual step of looking through the relevant external sites, e.g.

I knew there was another site where I could get information by querying a Kademlian DHT, using Peer eXchange protocol. Sadly, this has now ceased to function, without any reason being given. I conclude that, because it is a website, and not an app, it was closed by Big Brother as site owners are more easily identifiable and therefore more amenable to be bent to the will of BB.

So, additional content desirable, but not essential. App good, web site bad, and app success largely depends on user base.

There is public domain JavaScript code to access a Kademlian DHT, but it is not complete.

There is a development platform that produces code which can be run on Windows, Linux, Ios and Android WITHOUT recompilation, so development can be done in any of these, with the "guarantee" that the resultant app can be used on all platforms.

Skills required to code this up are HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Does anyone on this list feel confident that they could assist in the development of such an educational tool? If so please PM me. I myself am a freelance developer so no need to reply if you require payment. The premise is that this tool will be made open source and freely available to all.

Best Regards to all,


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Re: Exciting new torrenting application, your assistance requested
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