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New games for Pc 2018


What games do you like and are looking forward to in 2018?  Mine would have to be "WWll Online" and "Forza Motorsport" for PC...

Welcome my friend. I guess your one of the lucky who have stumbled upon or was giving to you by a good friend and I welcome you to the Bit-Che  forum and good luck getting a reply if you do it will most likely be a while for a response but I will help as much as possible Chip seems to be a busy man these days but the site really does need a whole lot of updating at all and every thing for the most part runs well and every once in a while you have to update scripts but it mostly does that on its own... I talk to you later my friend oh and if you didn't already know you will stay on "NEWBIE" status for a long time, I am still waiting to be bumped up to the next level.... Peace Out....


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