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Author Topic: Integrate SickRage with Bit Che  (Read 173 times)

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Integrate SickRage with Bit Che
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:07:47 pm »
Short version:
Use Bit Che (And/Or all of its glorious scripts) to export the full search result array to a locally-hosted local-only web page, preferably in "RSS/HTML format?"
Then set SickRage to use said link to said local page to use as a "Search Provider".
In this form BitChe would basically be a Meta-Search-er thing.

Long version:
Someone I know has a monkey, it can read forums through a cell phone, and it has a typewriter, and the rest is basically what the monkey wrote:

SickRage is limited in what "Custom Search Provider" (like piratebay, etc) it can be set up to use. 
To set up a "Custom Search Provider", one simply enters the following information:
   Provider Name
      can literally be anything
      again, local or hosted, whatever, just needs to be an RSS, and does not accept "BC://"
      Example: uid=xx;pass=yy
   Search Element
      Probably required, and there is little documentation other than the example below
      Example: title

The Questions:
Can the "BC://" protocol be defined better in the documentation?
Can the "BC://" protocol be modified to have a landing page?  Some simple page with a form that can POST a "title" (string from SickRage) or a URL be defined which can receive POST forms?  Someone on this forum mentioned the use of POST when first introducing the "Search within a browser" feature.
Can the complete results array from @r be EXPORTED or made into an HTML-ish file (hosted in ram preferably)? Look for TABLE at the bottom of this post:,2396.0.html?PHPSESSID=q67q0817or46q864lh2qogf3j0
Could the above proposed HTML TABLE be placed into a file defined within settings.ini?  formatted as RSS?
A setting would be needed to tell the "browser" (SickRage's built-in search thingy) where to look for "Results" page (URL) of the "POST" function of the HTML Form.

The above pretty much basically is all which is desired. 
A savvy guru could continue reading this post to finish the rest on their own, modify, tweak, refine, and create a guide for others interested in the same thing.

Going a few steps further with this idea:
Since each search would create a new file, this would cause lots of undesireable wear on a hard drive if thousands of searches go through a day.  SO, there is software available to create simple "RAM Drive"s, a small virtual hard drive kept in RAM, it would host the HTML/RSS file which BitChe would export the results of the POST search to, in table format, or whatever is most convenient for the developer.
There exists a MiniWeb server, which is less than 200kB available here:
Using MiniWeb (with access to other networks or from networks blocked by firewall) someone could "Host" the HTML/RSS thing created above, locally, for local apps to access.
If modification needs to happen a script could be written to monitor the file/folder for changes, and change the format of the exported results to whatever works best for the user's application.  For SickRage to run, Python needs to be running, a simple modification of the startup shortcut could first start the monitoring process, while running SickRage at the same time.

The monkey only skimmed Google, Wikipedia (RSS, FEED), Bit Che forums, SickRage forums, the scripts directory, "more-examples" archive, and a few other places for the information she gathered, bear with her if she missed something important which would make this all super easy. 

Thanks in advance for all your support and help :)