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checker function request


i have several songs that are falsely checked as bad with mp3 checker...is there a way to place these in an ignore file so they do not keep coming up s bad songs slated for deletion.

yeah possibly..

also, can you reply and post one of your MP3s here (click Additional Options under the textbox). then maybe i can run the code over the mp3 and see why it trips on your mp3. and maybe make that better.


yes i will get on that tomorrow or the next day as my computer has a bum cooling fan that only runs for a few minutes before seizing up.... and no computer stores open for a few days now.... anyway the songs in question are older ones that simply repeat the lyrics and music just to make a short song last longer...will let you know later...thanks...

one song is called    San FranCisco nights from the animals.... i am trying to send it as an attachment but it keeps coming back as an error... so i sending the message without the attachment for now


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