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Name:  The View - Hats Off To The Buskers  (2007)

Sounds like: sexpistols, beatles, new age indie rock, sorta..

Link:     bc://The View Hats Off To The Buskers

(copy and paste into your browser for now, ill get the forums fixed so you can click BC links in the future)..

Fallout Boy - Infinity on High

This album sound like nothing Ive ever heard from Fallout Boy. I think its my new favorite from them

HOLY CRAP.... it works!!! the "bc://" I never noticed that...

Anyway, I listen to JPop/JRock. Heres a couple of nice bands that I listen to.

Mika Nakashima (listen to the "post Nana" stuff, pre Nana sucks)
Hikaru Utada
Dir en Grey
Seamo (Mata Aiamashou is a really moving song)
Gazette (I love ALL their stuff)- "Relia" is a good song.


Angun  .... she has a brilliant voice.. worth a listen to. She is from Indonesia and similar voice to Annie Lennox.

yes Kyo we have Hikaru Utada  really like it too.

Her new PV is good. "Keep Tryin"

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I wish I could find the Utada United 2006 Concert on DVD....


EDIT: Click on the link to see it... I guess we can't post youtube's here...



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