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Feature Request: Category, # Files, Search
« on: July 04, 2007, 09:40:04 pm »
Hey, what's up guys. :)  Just discovered this blinding bit of torrent software. Great work made by the guys behind Bit Che  :D

Anywoo here's a couple of simple suggestions that might be of use:

  • Script Organisation [See Image Attachment] - Ability to organise left-hand side torrent scripts into groups for quick check/uncheck,  I.e. TV, Software, Music, Adult etc
  • Number (#) of files - Shows how many files in a given torrent.
  • Search/Filter - An always visible search box (i.e. main screen, Torrent Details screen) to pin point a torrent results - exactly like iTunes search/filter box

Anyway, cheers again, and looking forward to the new build.