Author Topic: I have added your (my space ad) to my new website because I love Bit Che  (Read 2809 times)


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I use your Guevara edition sooo much and just love it.  I have found much better quality in movies because of the large variety.  Its just awesome. 

I have a new little website started that is going to be for widgets, gadgets, badges etc, mainly video or news content widgets and rss feeds, but in my downloads section I am only going to put torrent related categories.

I made a block on the left side just for your ad to get bit che and edited it a little by collecting the images and links to my cpanel so I could make a "real block" for it.

If you would could you send me the image file for your bit che shortcut? 

I have a domain name but my server administrator hasn't got it on there yet so you can see it at :    and when the domain goes in effect, it will be

This is my way of saying thank you for your program by spreading the word and advertizing it.  It is also located for DL on my administrators download page (he's my better half ...ha!) at  But he knows I am the torrent gal and have been for years, so he gets all his good stuff from me and leaves anything to do with torrents to me (he would not have all his stargates without me, ha!).

thanks again Chip,
please keep up the excellent work..