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You could use the so it would be easy to translate your code...
Launchpad is being used by the Ubuntu linux distro with good results...

I already translated some apps to Portuguese (pt standard) for the Ubuntu distro, and its very useful to use Launchpad...

Well I guess I could help with the French version!

that would be excellent...  with the next major update, I will extract all the strings to a language file and then we can get started localization from there! thank you and welcome to the forums :)

I can help with a Swedish version.

excellent!   the next version of Bit Che is almost ready that includes support to change the language.

Here is a link to download the language file to translate.. Just open it up in notepad, save it as your new language and then edit the text to your language.. should be pretty straight forward as I've grouped the language captions by control type in the program, for example, all of the button captions are grouped together in the language file.

Thanks in advance!

Download English.ini

(right click, Save Target As..)


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