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Graphics Card Issues
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:21:00 pm »
I had a friend of mine give me a Thinkcentre m81 a few months back. We put a bunch of new parts in and at this point it has 10 GB ram and a 3.1ghz i3 8100 in it. I bought a Nvidia GTX 1050 a couple weeks before Christmas and I installed it. It worked fine, I then invested in the best processor my device could handle which was a i7 2600. This is where the issue started. After installing the new processor my graphics card stopped producing video. On board video still worked, but the graphics card produced no display. I have tried many different things but I simply dont know what to do.hazard perception test nsw The card worked fine until I installed the i7 and then it stopped. I switched back to the old i3 and reinstalled windows 7, but still nothing. Any tips?

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