Author Topic: Nvidia RTX line-up (laptop) performance review (by Notebookcheck)  (Read 929 times)

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The results show quite a bit of variation, as in synthetic benchmarks, all RTX GPUs show clear gains over their GTX predecessors, with the RTX 2060 offering the biggest performance jump (>40% on average) ending up close to or exceeding a GTX 1070 (non-Max Q). Nonetheless, it does not offer enough power for raytracing at decent FPS.

In real world gaming, the gains are less impressive at lower resolutions, which could be due to a CPU bottleneck (seems unlikely with an i7 8750H being used) or throttling issues (not tested). Obviously, these results depend largely on how well the laptop has been designed and how well all components can be cooled in a given chassis (check performance Gigabyte Aero X9).
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