Author Topic: Apple just introduced the new A13 bionic.  (Read 4827 times)

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Apple just introduced the new A13 bionic.
« on: September 12, 2019, 11:59:18 pm »
Not going to lie, even though i only use android phones the a12 bionic whooped the floor with anything Qualcomm is currently producing, now with the new a13 it got worst for Qualcomm; [heck] i could even bet that the next snapdragon 865 will still be behind the a13 bionic.

an iphone having higher more powerful cpu than an android; Qualcomm i feel is dropping the ball.

the only thing i see holding the iphone back when it comes to real worl FetLife vshare
d speed tests is it's lower amount of RAM, but little by little apple are pushing the other "TOP" chip makers players aside.

Will Qualcomm one day catch up?
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