Author Topic: Women working too hard.  (Read 687 times)

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Women working too hard.
« on: November 19, 2019, 05:12:43 pm »
Hello everyone,,
As instigated by Gibbler and Cissie (Shoutbox) this topic will try to reveal the views of both male and female workers.
It is not a question of who can score more "brownie points" for number of hours worked but how partners work together, trying to make home life more enjoyable and profitable. Many members  MinLo and myself will show that family life is all about putting in the hours (usually 70) in my case and still coming home to paint/repair things in the home. Being a taxi driver, entertainer on weekends, with little or no time for ourselves. Most ,we enjoy and go along with, although most of us would like a little more time to persue personal habits/hobbies.
Do you feel you are working too much. Is life a bitch!?
Start spilling the beans...