Author Topic: Just went from 16gb to 32gb of ram, I need to know to know if I'll see some bene  (Read 1132 times)

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I found a 16gb kit (2x8) of G skill sniper X clocked at 3600mhz that are the same that I have now, just a different camo, they were only 73€ so I went for it. I mostly play AAA games and sometimes I am seeing ram usage at around 13gb with nothing in the background, so I thought that if I wanted to like browse with chrome to find guides and tutorials in the other monitor there won't be much ram left, especially knowing that chrome eats ram for breakfast. It should be noted that I use ramcache from Asus that uses around 3gb, without there wouldn't be problems. With 32gb I could even let ramcache use like 10gb and still have much left for multitasking with games. PC specs: I7 9700k 5ghz all core RTX 2080 Super Rog strix z 370 e Games on M.2 Will I see some difference of it is just overkill? maybe will help in the long termfedloan easybib

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