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How to fix mp3 files
« on: December 18, 2019, 06:18:19 pm »
I keep a folder on my computer with all my mp3 files and listen to them using iTunes. Some files are just too quiet, even after I adjust them in iTunes, so i tried using a software to detect the volume level and adjust them to a louder volume. I think the software I used was mp3gain but I'm not sure.
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After I did that, I started noticing some of my music had small static noises and blips in them, I'm not sure but I'm guessing this is 'clipping'? Another guess is this is a sign of corrupted files. Or maybe there's something wrong with my headphones? But I don't think so, i can hear it with other earbuds, could it be a problem with my laptop?

So my questions are: is this a corruption, and if so, is there a way of fixing it (is mp3Diags good) or will I have to redownload all my music? Or how do i know if it's a problem with my headphones/computer? Second question is, if there a good way to increase the volume of individual mp3 files?

Thanks so much!
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