Author Topic: What is slowing down my PC so much?  (Read 202 times)

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What is slowing down my PC so much?
« on: January 24, 2020, 02:31:21 am »
Hello, so I got this weird problem with my PC for a very long time and now I try to play and it is even worse. So my problem is that whenever I try playing online game (for example in fortnite), the games gets significantly slower and is really delayed in terms of actions. It feels like my PC cant keep up but my pc specs are fine for that game (i5-6600k, radeon rx 570). My friends have way worse PCs and theirs is fine, their only problem is fps drops, other than that it is fine, smooth. I have recently switched to optic enthernet and it didnt help, so not an internet issue, I also use everything wired and I have nothing in background while playing and my friends with the crappy PC play spotify and bunch of other apps while playing and theirs is fine. Could it be because of my crappy monitor I use? I had 144hz one and it did the same thing on consoles, now I use 60hz one on PC and it is pretty much the same. Btw when I play alone in creative mode it feels fine and pretty responsive. fetlife vshare

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