Author Topic: Xbox Game Pass for PC is 1$ for the first month. It includes Microsoft Flight Si  (Read 468 times)

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I know so many of you guys want to try out this new revolutionary real world simulator. But you don't want to shell out $60 especially if you don't know if your computer can run it. Well if you get Xbox game pass for PC it's only $1 and you can try the game for a month

Its also only 4.99$ a month after the first month (for those that don't know it also includes halo games and gears of war games)

It's like having a ticket for the full game so you can test it out for a month for only $1

I'm pretty sure you can buy the Xbox game pass for PC and then cancel it right after so you dont forget. It will still give you access for the rest of the month 5 euros to dollars
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