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MS turns to Porn
« on: January 28, 2008, 08:04:48 am »
 ;D This will make someone  wonder.

Microsoft-backed site turns to porn
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:06:51 +0000

 Once CinemaNow represented the great white hope for the movie industry as it scrabbled for a way to react to the growth of the internet. Backed by the Lionsgate studio, Blockbuster, Microsoft and Cisco, it has struggled while sites such as Amazon Unbox and Netflix have kept going.

And, of course, that's not to mention Apple deciding to weigh into the market. However, tech gossip rag Valleywag says the streaming site has now found a new way to survive. And it's the oldest trick in the net book - porn.

Evil Angel Video

CinemaNow counts Evil Angel Video and Hustler among the studios that supply it with content. It would be too easy to criticise CinemaNow for its stance, but it would also be churlish. A great many net services are so freely available now as a direct result of porn becoming available online. If CinemaNow's approach is successful, perhaps that might well prove to be the case here.

As for how much traffic is going to 'traditional' content as opposed to the rude stuff - well, Cinema Now's adult traffic is redirected to, making it rather easy to deduce the amount of traffic using a tool such as or About 50/50 it seems, according to Valleywag.

We had a quick search of the site for research purposes, but stopped looking when we came across Sexy Latinas Go Wilder - there are some things too good to be true.