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I know I'm supposed to be *supporting* torrents and everything, but I just thought I'd point out this great website I found recently.

edit: Go to the forum of this site, not the 3rd party that will get you to pay.

Eh, I didn't care too much for that site. All the shows I wanted to watch: South Park, Futurama, were links to other websites and pay per use Limewire type programs. It would be good if I watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc.

Of course they're links to other websites: Rapidshare and Megaupload. These are sites in which you can upload any types of files (specifically .rar files) 100mb at a time. I think anywhere that has direct links would get shut down fast. These guys just upload them to this file storage websites and give the links.

No, I mean links to other uploading sites, not megashare or rapidfire or any other uploading storage site.

 ??? really? I haven't seen any of that on that site before...

Unless it's 'linkbucks' or something, but that's nothing bad just the person who posted it gets some money for everyone who clicks on the link.


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