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source of information (reason for modification):

I just updated script for new domain (changed domain suffix from .com to .eu).

remove script:
h33t.ini (
add replacement script:
h33tEU.ini (

FC@ scrape magnet link form TPB

FC when doing scrape on magnet links

1. Great work as usual.  ;D

2. In preferences proxy choice should be separated from font size and named.

3. went magnet

4. Include description searches sentence should be wrapped when window is small because part of text is under Filter results.

5. Feature request: default results sorting by chosen column like site/script/seeds/names/ratio

Number of scripts is lower than it was in 2.0 b14

Config is now stored in profile - how to make bitche portable - store config from profile inside of bitche folder?

There is still  no custom proxy support - to prevent censorship and other networking issues.

Which reminds me, will the magnet support work on The Pirate Bay?
It already works. Update your scripts and enable TBP if it is required.

Then removing all registeries from a previous installation of Bit Che from Win7 32bit before installing the latest Beta version is best? May I recommend Unclean. Now about Win7 64bit... ...any bugs from anyone??? What about Vista's 32/64 bit.


Vista is nearly the same product as 7, installers are the same, enviromental paths and so on. What is to discuss?

Works as it should but the minor glitches listed before.
KAT support
Magnet support
If someone told me it is going to happen like a year ago I would't belive it!
BC works, update scripts works. Replaced exe of beta 10 and updated works as it should. Awesomely cool program!!!

Whatever you will say, magnet support would be nice thing in bitche evolution.
Btw maybe Bitche REvolution(alternatives Revolution/Evolution)codename/name for 2.0 :D

why to play with magnet - .torrent files are going to sink, dht will rule(yes KADemlia from eMule was first and also is resilient)

After update scripts there are shown/working only two scripts:
Bitsnoop & Rutor

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