Author Topic: Mac High Sierra (10.13.6) Crossover Wine (17.5) BitChe (V3.6 build 2)  (Read 1121 times)

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Having migrated from a pc to a mac I wanted to have bitche run with wine rather than run it in a virtual machine I won't bore you with all the failed attempts I made; this is how I finally accomplished it with Mac High Sierra (10.13.6) Crossover Wine (17.5) BitChe (V3.6 build 2):-

1) install Crossover
2) install BitChe (from into an XP bottle ignore any errors and just continue
If you run Bitche at this stage  when you do a search it will return !NC against the sites
3) in Crossover:- Wine configuration/Libraries add winhttp (see attachment)

you will need to run a vpn on the Mac to get the best results.

Not sure of what the winhttp equivalent is in a standard wine implementation from winehq, hopefully there is a tool/gui/commandline to accomplish it.....

My thanks to the developer for the best torrent tool on the market with hopes that the developer comes out of retirement...