Author Topic: I hate this current "endgame" trend  (Read 108 times)

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I hate this current "endgame" trend
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:29:08 pm »
I hate this trend that every game should have a complete "endgame". In concept I think the idea is great; of course if there's a game that I love, I want the experience to last as long as possible. However I feel like "endgame" Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire has become synonymous with weekly repeated checklists that make you login, complete a few tasks that barely vary to obtain marginally better gear (it's always gear) that will allow me to.... do the same thing all over again the next day or the next week in a slightly faster manner. The worst part is that it seems to be done at the detriment of meaningful game content (People rush the game to get to endgame farm, so why work hard on that?)

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