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General Discussion / Re: shake it up
« on: February 11, 2020, 04:26:01 pm »
this forum has been bit of  a snoozer lately.. and for all of you that were members in our DK forum.. you may remember that we had a hot issues topic that seemed to get alot of attention... so on that note I thought that perhaps we could try something similar to that again.. what do we have to  lose..

My topic is the FDA ,(food and drug association) recently if not always in the US.. they have been slowly eliminating common medications off of the pharmacies shelves due to recent over doses with medications used to treat the cold.. also.. people have been purchasing meds such as Benadryl to melt down to add to illegal drugs that you fedloan will find sold on the street.. so.. as a  result.. if you need meds such as Nyquil.. advil cold and sinus.. you need to sign a form stating who you are etc.. incase they need evidence in the future.. nothing like taking two steps backwards..The US;  a country noted for being so advanced in reality seems to be one of the most behind countries in the world in many aspects.. You cannot even purchase anti-biotic eye drops in this country without a perscription.. in my opinion.. after living in Canada for most of my's absolutely hilarious that they think that you need  to monitor such a thing as eye drops?? In Canada you can actually buy codiene over the counter.. Sometimes I think alot of the US's ideas have to do with making $$ I mean in order to get what you need, you need to visit your doctor, which of course is atleast going to cost you a co-pay, and that's only if you have actual medical insurance... Doctors seem to be there more for the mighty dollar here then to actually help you.. and to me that is just damn sad.. anyways.. in my opinion.. if the FDA is going to start pulling meds because of "woulda.. couldas" then why having a pharmacy at all..there is always the chance of something getting into the wrong hands.. that is simply just life.

that is simply just life  O0

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