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General Discussion / No fair!
« on: April 20, 2010, 04:49:34 am »
  So yeah, sorry if this wrong place to say this, but... i need karma points and im a lil preturbed.
   why?  I was just visiting dottys ( lottery machine place ) and thought id play a machine in hopes of some pre-bday luck.  ( bday tomorrow )
    Soon as i sat down this asian gentleman wins more than id ever seen easily... Every row and column a zeus head except for one bottom right square.   >.<
   As i scoffed a bit, i still smiled lots and gavem dual thumbs up as he got out his camera to take a picture then took off to find lottery attendant...
  I only had a lil cash, and almost right after i started to play another guy won big time.
      Seems like i always have bad luck on bday, but other people around me score like crazy...
  I should just go with some friends and hang out withem so they win and thus will happily get me a gift later or something...   ;P
   ...and yaya, 'luck' is however one percieves it to be possibly and is merely a word for hoping in a fateful universally rolled outcome in your favor i guess... ( or not )
     BUT.. either way. Twas a moment of suck for me, but honestly i like seeing people win too all the same.
  ...prefer it to be me over stranger, but still... lol.
    ...uhm this is way longer than i thought itd be and I feel even more hesitant bout posting it wrong place and feeling like a jackass, but...
               So, to tie this dribble into somethign bout bitche at least, IF i do win or any of my friends here soon, Ill take a pic and post it here for everyone and donate a considerable amount out of the $$$ shown won!  ..hows that?   =D     ;D  ...laters!

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