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Computers - Technology / Computer Science or Computer Engineering?
« on: June 06, 2014, 07:49:13 pm »
I just graduated from high school, and now I'm confused about what degree to take in college. By the way, I'm from the Philippines. In our country, it takes 5 years to finish the Computer Engineering degree and only 4 years for the Computer Science degree. I've always thought about taking up computer engineering, but when I knew that it takes 5 years, I doubted taking it already but I'm still interested in it. Do you think taking up computer engineering for 5 years would be worth it? Or taking up computer science for 4 years would be just like the contrary? I mean, are the job opportunities the same? The salary? Lastly, which degree requires more math?

I'm really confused between these two degrees, so I really need help from people who have knowledge about this matter. Thanks in advance.

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