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« on: July 16, 2019, 08:11:58 pm »
Re: Should I buy a gaming pc?
I’m currently a console player but I’m considering buying a gaming pc, I dream about having a sick set up and using mouse and keyboard instead of  write my paper in 2 hours about controller I think would be really fun and a new challenge.

Are there any more pros I should know about when you have a nice gaming pc/set up? Also are there any cons?

I guess you already started with the pros and there are quite a lot of them. But as for the cons, I think the first one is that the first entry is rather expensive (I've just built my first gaming PC and I know that it's way too expensive). The second disadvantage - some developers do not create the PC version of the game, yeah, it's rare but still (take Naughty Dog, for example). So you will need a PS4 alongside.

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