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General Discussion / the dangers of bleach
« on: October 03, 2019, 10:28:14 pm »
Hello everyone,,
Day before yesterday i spent 4 hours at casualty(local hospital) with severe inhalation of Chlorine Gas. Nose running,eyes burning,severe coughing,hard to breathe,vomiting.etc  All because of a stupid mistake I made at work.
I had just finished a CCTV survey  in an old peoples sheltered dwelling involving a shower room where foul had been coming up through the floor drain/.
Being the good Samaritan I offered to clean up the floor ,so that the 80 year old gentleman could have a shower. Enclosed room with only extractor fan. Run shower, added 1/2 cup of industrial strength Chloris(bleach),and began scrubbing. Because of detergents/cleaners already in floor.the bleach reacted immediately and started producing a very toxic chlorine gas(which can kill).
Anyway after oxygen.nebulizers,blood tests,x-rays,and now on breathing steroids tablets. I would recommend that you all have some respect for even the common bleach and watch what you mix it with.It can be lethal.

Scripts & Development / GUI for script creation
« on: September 04, 2019, 06:46:41 pm »
Hello everyone,,
i think it is very easy to create a step by step program for script creation
for example to enter first the site url, then to make a search and copy the url and paste 1 search result from the script, then to select in which array of qad you see the seeders etc or to highlight the torrents name, seeders number etc so the program can easily see what is next and what before of the number. Of course some things may need to see the code but at least 70% of the script can be made from a gui.
What do you think chip?

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