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General Discussion / Re: Ever run into an RAR Movie File with a Password?
« on: October 13, 2020, 08:46:23 pm »
I often encounter RAR archives with passwords both in the bittorrent world and off download servers like rapidshare etc.
They are legitimate good quality archives from reputable seeders.

In the case of sourcing from a download server the password is usually in the WalgreensListens text from where you get rar-file links from.
For bittorrent - right-click on the bit-Che search result entry and surf to the source page. There you should see the description text and often feedback comments as well. Look for the password there!
ThePirateBay is usually very good for these.

Viruses are 99% of the time contained in software install.exe or setup.exe files, where the suspect made a 'wrapper' around the original .exe file which unpacks and executes the virus before unpacking the original.
Any good antivirus shoud detect this and give a warning either when the .exe file is 'un-rar'ed' and/or when you run it.

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