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I have open searches in several tabs.

On 2 of them, i can't sort. For one of these, i did a duplicate search and on the new tab, the sort worked.

v3.6 build 2
windows 7 pro

Scripts & Development / Script request:
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:08:02 am »
help save kickass

Scripts & Development / Re: adding
« on: January 06, 2016, 08:12:21 am »
wow.. thank you very much

what sort of site issues did you detect? I might be able to relay the information to the admin there.

My initial testing of this indicates it works fine. The results Bit Che displayed were search hits directly in the torrent name. Understandable, using the onsite search many more results are shown from where the search terms match something deeper in the site such as the related information page for each torrent, certainly a much broader net.

If the site can be improved or made more compatible with 'industry standards' or Bit Che, again, I invite sharing the details so the admin at can consider modifications.

Scripts & Development / adding
« on: January 01, 2016, 11:33:25 pm » is my goto site for important social justice documents and media.

How can I add it to bit Che?

yes, my ignorance.  New to win7 and the sample norton's security that got added on..

I had added BC as "trusted" but no difference.  and i could not see where any exceptions were added. Once i researched it, I found the list of programs and sure enough, nortons had auto-blocked BC.  Since it worked at first, I suspect nortons was monitoring it as strange activity, with a burst of connections and all.  A custom rule for BC fixed the 0 results issue.


empty searches

I recently moved from my XP box to a new system I built with win7 x64 installed. Right now, I am mostly seeding and don't download too much but some software i wanted offered a torrent download so I figured I'd avoid using their WWW bandwidth.

I think I was using 1.0.60 on my XP system.. but when I tried using BC on my win7 box it was 2.0.60.

Right off the bat it was acting up. It wouldn't update scripts. Then it did. after that I got a good search result. The second time I tried a search, it flashed and reported "done", with no results. I tried with a simple word that has to have thousands of matches and again, 0 and done.

I started reading here and saw the newer versions, so DL build 70 which I think is the latest beta?

I got a couple excellent search results with it, selected a few torrents, they triggered my tixati dialog and started just fine. no problem.

I opened BC again today, tried a simple search and 'poof', 0 results and done.

I'd be most happy to assist with any other testing or details, but wouldn't know where to start with this. damn intermittent problems! 

Help and FAQ / Re: Bit Che - Torrent Client
« on: April 14, 2014, 06:17:07 am »
I just migrated from XP to win 7

I have a torrent client - tixati
it is 'registered' as the torrent tool in windows - when I click on a .torrent metadata file, it automatically opens a dialog in tixati

When I installed BC on this system, it reported "no torrent client found'

I did a search, and it worked. I selected a torrent file, viewed it, then downloaded. It automatically opened the dialog in tixati so that function is working, but even though BC knows tixati is my default torrent client, it still reports on the bottom status line "Bit Che 2.0 build 70  [no torrent client detected]"  This was happening with build 60 also, so I thought maybe it was fixed in 70, but seems not.

From this forum, this seems to be a long standing issue for some reason.  gatta be in a code somewhere because BC actually does interface with tixati just fine.. that is when it works, but that is another topic.

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