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nice work chip, im happy to see a new version ;)

Language Translations / Re: OLD - Re: Bit Che - Translators Wanted!
« on: May 18, 2013, 06:02:55 pm »
updated greek language after the changes in version 2.62
in options/search can you move the maximum number of searches box a little further?

Language Translations / Re: OLD - Re: Bit Che - Translators Wanted!
« on: April 14, 2013, 07:59:03 am »
i dont think i can have the buttons adjust with the text because it will mess up the GUI layouts..  but do you want to take some more screen shots and let me know?

Would be good flexible buttons or large buttons. Elsewhere would be a good long line. For example:

These lines are some problem (detail in Hungarian.ini file):

Code: [Select]
mnuDownload=Torrent megnyitása...
mnuSaveT=Torrent mentése mint...
mnuDetails=Torrent részleteinek megtekintése...
mnuPage=Forrásoldal megnyitása...
mnuClipboard=Torrent URL másolása vágólapra
mnuClipboardSource=Forrás URL másolása vágólapra

These hints are not included in the language file:

i have the same problems, also on options/general, if the translation in an option take 2 lines the space between this option and the next one is very little

Language Translations / Re: OLD - Re: Bit Che - Translators Wanted!
« on: April 11, 2013, 02:13:30 am »
greek translation for .60
it will be a real pleasure if buttons can change size according to text in the next version, every time i have to cut letters


the difference?

Bit Che 2.0 - Latest Version -- Build 50 (March 21, 2013)

fixed: Coffee Cups gui behaves strangely at times adding a new item when you click apply. (thanks bovski!)
fixed: search issue with scripts using Special Login (thanks Kepis!)
fixed: Special Login cookie handler for Win XP (thanks Kepis!)
fixed: 'remove exact' and 'similar matches' working (thanks CuF!)
fixed: couple minor bug fixes and tweaks


i didnt get any message a new version is available on bit che. why?

what about a feature for guevara users to report a non working script?
i have update a bit the greek language

for those of you with problems searching on b45.. can you test the attached b46?


EDITED: appears the fix is working.. posted to main site:

told ya!! :)

with firewall and defender off i still cant search, i have add the app also in the allowed list.

not sure about not being able to search anything..  I cant reproduce that..  what antivirus are you using?  do you have scripts in your script list and are they enabled?  

version 37 also doesnt search. i have try to run bit che as administrator with windows defender disabled (i dont have another antivirus) but didnt help. i dont have private scripts enabled. even if i have only 1 script from the list selected doesnt search. (The connections tag doesnt even appear, the search doesnt even start).

Links now like forums open only 1 link, but upgrading scripts doesnt work  (didn't work on version 36 either but was working on 35 and on 35 i was able to search)

Exoskeletor.. what browser are you using?  the code only executes ShellExec API once, and I dont think anyone else has mentioned this problem, so I'm not sure where to begin..
Im using chrome. windows 8, uac disabled if those info are helpful
Also for me the latest standalone bit che doesnt work at all. it doesnt search

for me it still opens 2 links when i click on forums button or the open source page button

im not explaining very well from what it seems :(
Im using greek language in bit che. when i open it i see the text "filter results" in the filter. if i press it or make a search it change to "περιορισμος αποτελεσματων" Shouldn't be the second from the beggining?

filter results string dont get the proper language sting if you dont press it once

i think its cleared anytime a new search is performed.. are you expecting it to apply the filter text from search to search until you manually clear the box?

im talking about the 'filter results' string not getting the right string from the selected language

filter results string dont get the proper language sting if you dont press it once

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