Author Topic: Receive 30% (up to $200) cash back from Live Search - Ebay Purchase w/Buy It Now  (Read 11011 times)

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this is pretty awesome. just found out about it yesterday.. basically, Microsoft will give you 30% back in cash deposited to your paypal account (in 60 days) after you buy something on Ebay using 'Buy It Now' and paying with Paypal. you must also start a search using their sponsored search result from Microsoft Live Search.. see below for an example link..

for the details read:


how to do it:

1. click (sample search, for "ps3"):

2. click the banner (sponsored result) that says:

"PS3 Items - Live Search cashback  Live Search cashback
Buy PS3 Items. You may get 30% off with PayPal if eligible."

      see screen1.jpg below

3.  You then have 60 minutes to find something you want that has 'Buy Now'..

4. 'Buy It Now' and use Paypal to pay for it (within 60 minutes that you clicked the link)

      see screen2.jpg below

5. Before you complete the payment, Microsoft tell you how much they will give you back.

       see screen3.jpg below

6. They give you 30% of the price in your paypal account after 60 days.

this is crazy!! i got 30% on my $699 purchase... i'll be getting $200 cash back in 60 days..

       see screen4.jpg below


       see screen5.jpg below

also, note, that the % in cash back can go up and down.. try different searches for like "nintendo wii" or "gold coins" or "ps3" and you will see different sponsored results on the Live Search ( and some of them will be different %'s..  the most is 30%.. but i also did see  20% when i did a search for "nintendo wii".. so click the banner once you found a search result showing 30% cash back.

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 :D haha at what Microsoft will do to get you to use their search engine.
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Only available to US users...  ::)

Nevertheless... that's a pretty extreme thing to do for marketing... haha

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awesome saved $6 and change  on a 25.00 item.   


thanks for the tip Chip  << (that what she said)  LOL