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   Latest News: Bit Che 3.5 build 50 has been released for public use! Download Now!
Bit Che


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Current Version:
3.5 build 50

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Search: fast, easy, free!

What is Bit Che?

Bit Che is an engine and script language for searching other websites. Bit Che reads open source script files to quickly search websites and organize results. Bit Che allows you to instantly preview result details by reading files directly. Easily view the page where the result was found. Bit Che also features built-in filtering to remove duplicate results across different sites. Bit Che does not download.

Bit Che is pronounced many different ways, usually 'bit chay'. It is named after the Argentinean word 'Che' which *roughly* translates to 'friend'. Bit Che is your friend :)

Bit Che Script Engine Function List - v3.5 is available!

What makes Bit Che so special?

  • Super fast searching
  • Uses 'hyper-fetching' to instantly preview file details
  • Supports 'magnet' links and can instantly find cached files
  • Advanced result filtering (duplicates, file size, -keywords)
  • Filter Search Results (Plus Edition)
  • Tabbed Searching (Plus Edition)
  • Media Type Searching (Plus Edition)
  • Morning Coffee Extension (Plus Edition)
  • Translated into over 35 languages so far!
    * Arabic
    * BiH
    * Brazilian
    * Bulgarian
    * Castellano
    * Chinese(Simp)
    * Chinese(Trad)
    * Chinese_BIG5
    * Croatian
    * Czech
    * Danish
    * Dutch
    * Es-Argentina
    * Espaņol
    * Estonian
    * Faroese
    * Farsi
    * Filipino
    * Finnish
    * French
    * German
    * Greek
    * Hebrew
    * Italian
    * Italian2
    * Lithuanian
    * Norwegian
    * Polish
    * Portuguese
    * Romana Diacritics
    * Romana no Diarcritics
    * Russian
    * Slovak
    * Slovene
    * Slovenian
    * Spanish
    * Srpski
    * Swedish
    * Turkish
    * Ukrainian

    Note: Unicode languages are partially supported.

What is the Plus Edition?

The Plus Edition is the power user's edition. The Plus Edition gives you:
  • Search Tabs
  • Filter Search List 'As You Type'
  • Media Type searching
  • Morning Coffee type extension (auto search based on weekday).

If you would like to find out how you can upgrade for FREE, please click here.
OR you can simply donate $10 (or more).

What does Bit Che cost?

The freeware edition of Bit Che is completely free to use but development is supported through user donations and contributions in our member Forums. If you enjoy this tool, please consider donating (click here) or register at our Forums to join the community. Thank you!

What does Bit Che look like?

Search Results File Preview

Latest Version:






3.5 build 50 06.06.2016 2.46 mb Freeware download  more info